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Brick By Brick Academy of Health & Wealth is ecstatic with the growth of our fitness program.

Our fitness program began with the vision of our Founder, Gerald Hearns, training at his former neighborhood community park, called Coleman Park. Gerald would spend countless hours training at Coleman Park doing elite football drills throughout high school and college.

While training at Coleman Park, the young men in the community would be inspired and ask Gerald if they could workout with him. As Gerald would allow the young men to workout with him, he would find himself years later hosting free fitness and football training clinics to help others reach their fitness goals.

Throughout the next twelve years of growth, we now present to you our Brick By Brick Academy of Health & Wealth fitness program where we provide different styles of fitness training. Have you ever gone to the gym and did not know how to properly do the exercise, so you just stared at others to make sure that they were not looking at you?

Have you ever told yourself that you want to workout, you want to eat healthier, and reach new body goals, but do not have enough time to go to the gym? It is okay!! Brick By Brick Academy of Health & Wealth is your perfect solution!

Not only that we provide personal training, but we have been able to reach a larger number of people through our virtual training platform that is considered more convenient, flexible, and price reasonable for our clients. Through our virtual training platform, you are able to workout from anywhere, including in front of your smart tv during a commercial break.

Through our programs, we will provide educational information about health tips to help a person build their health Brick By Brick.


We provide group training, personal training, and athletic specific training. Through these various categories, we provide a sub-level form of training such as body-weight, strength & conditioning, speed training, yoga and stretching, and even endurance training to help you reach your health goals.

We offer separate types of training specialties which includes:

Personal Training

Improve your health with a custom workout for you. Gerald focuses on a unique body-weight fitness regime to push your limits without injury. Increase your overall strength and health safely with a plan built for you.

Group Training

Enjoy a group session with Gerald Hearns to go beyond improving your health. With your team or friends develop teamwork, resilience, and communication through exercise.  Improve collaboration with Gerald.

Custom Athletic Training

From personal fitness to his football expertise, Gerald has a wide skill set and much experience in fitness. That makes him qualified to provide custom training sessions suited for a singular sport or objective. 

Quality Health Products 

Brick By Brick Academy is proud to be working with Total Life Changes to provide our clients with state of the art health products to take your health to the next level.

From instant Iaso Tea to Delgada Coffee our section of quality products will make staying health delicious and easy.

Health does not only relay to working out, but the types of food we fuel our bodies with. Health can relay to the type of energy we exert into the universe.

Health can be a part of the way we think, the way we treat others, and the actions we take to get the proper sleep. Here at Brick By Brick Academy of Health & Wealth we focus on the entire package to help you achieve those health goals.


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We offer mentor-ship and coaching throughout the four weeks to build relationships with
our clients.

Our academy provides healthy nutritional products that our clients can purchase separately.

We provide mobility & yoga related stretching for those that consider to increase their
health through flexibility.

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