Man Up: Leading a Life of Honor


Paperback Edition

As men, we are blessed to have the opportunity to play with and lead the greatest team we will be associated within our life, our family. Let’s take the opportunity and with passion and conviction, become men that lead with honor and integrity.

Over the last four decades, society has relentlessly attacked the role of man. It is no coincidence, that we are facing difficult challenges, There are many discouraging statistics and negative trends related to our youth that are attributed to the void left by men such as the rise in teen incarceration, teen pregnancy, teen violence and many other negative trends. Man Up is a call for all men to rise up and step up and become the leaders that their families need them to be.

Our country has been adversely impacted by the failure of men to be responsible and dependable. Men need to search deep and challenge themselves to live up to their potential. Our country and our families deserve your best!