On June 20, 2007

Gerald Hearns was presented an opportunity to serve as a guest speaker at Palm Beach Community College, before the institution name changed to Palm Beach State College. Gerald was in the fifth grade at the time and only 10 years old with having the opportunity to be a public speaking in front of an audience. Gerald was offered to present a presentation speaking on the term “integrity,” by a man named Mr. Freeman.

At this time in Gerald’s life, he was actively involved in the local community of Riviera Beach, serving homeless people and needy families. He was also involved with Blessed in the City Ministries, led by Teia Matthews, where the youth served meals to nursing homes, was involved in choir at church, clothing drives, and many more activities.

The dedication that Gerald presented to his peers, resulted to success from hard work, unity, rectitude and honesty. These were the characteristics of integrity. Gerald went home that afternoon and studied the term, integrity and prepared his speech.

On June 28, 2007, the presentation took place in a classroom provided by the institution, where Gerald was later presented with a $100.00 check in the form of a scholarship from Mr. Freeman.

This was a moment that he has cherished forever.


Ten years later, Gerald launched his own business called G.B.H. JR Enterprises Incorporated, where he now has products with his logo and the phrase “Brick By Brick,” embedded on his merchandise.

On October 15, 2019, Gerald hosted his first organized speaking engagement that he prepared himself and launched his first Brick By Brick Scholarship.

He presented a $200.00 scholarship to a young man by the name of Asean Hall.

Asean Hall is a local member of the Sigma Beta Club, where Gerald was also a
member for a few years during middle school and high school. Asean Hall was awarded on stage with mentor, Mr. Conrad Jones, whom is also one of Gerald’s mentors. Mr. Jones saw Gerald’s humbleness and work ethic while in middle school and took him under his wings with the Sigma Beta Club.

This was one of many scholarships and we seek to continue growing and serving many others around the country and help them build “BRICK BY BRICK!

Gerald Hearns
Brick By Brick Scholarship